Our Construction Process

Initial Phone Call

We believe that construction projects and remodeling can be likened to elective surgery which is why we take the time to talk through your project scope of work and ideas to establish whether or not we are a good fit for each other. We want to be sure we can deliver on your expectations!

First Meeting

Let’s walk through your space and get a better feel for the overall scope of work and address any questions or concerns you may have with logistics. This will also allow us to take note of any specific existing conditions we need to account for in the design process.

Project Design

We will propose a design agreement that allows us to start putting legs to your project. With so many material and layout decisions to make, it is important to be entirely front heavy on planning so that we can propose an accurate construction cost for your project and stage the job with all the material necessary to run an accurate schedule.

Pre-construction Meeting

We want you to meet the lead for your project, talk through logistics of how the schedule will run and receive instructions on where we can stage/place various materials and equipment needed for construction.


Let’s get to work! We will set you up with a client login to our cloud-based management software that gives you 24/7 access to all the details for your project. You can review your up-to-date financials, read daily logs, view current pictures, manage punch lists, approve changes and upload your own comments or corrections, along with literally everything else needed to manage your project virtually. We will stay in step with weekly or bi-weekly client meetings and tailor your job to provide the best possible customer experience. Construction can not only be manageable, it can be fun!

Final Wrap-up

We will go strong until your project is 100% complete and the last item is knocked off the list. We truly value adding you to the MGD family and want to build lifetime relationships.

Post-Construction & Warranty

Once we have swept up and gone, that does not mean we are through! We will schedule a 30-day walk through to make sure that everything is functioning properly and in good working order, sometimes adjustments need to be made. We will also follow up with a one-year walk through so that we are sure to handle any warranty issues that may arise.